Safety Check
Frame - alignment / condition
Brake / gear lever - position / tightness
Pivot bolts - tightness / travel free / no play
Headset - free rotation / no play
Wheels - true
Tyres - condition / pressure
Brakes - callipers correctly positioned, pads
correctly positioned / not worn, adjustment
Bottom bracket - free rotation / no play
Reflectors and bell fitted
Handlebars - condition / tightness
Saddle - position / tightness
Suspension - travel free / no play
Hubs - free rotation / no side play
Chain set - running true / chain wear
Gears - derailleur position, end stop
adjustment, cable condition & movement
Pedals - free rotation / no play
Accessories fitted correctly
Test ride
Interim Service
Full bicycle safety check
Brakes checked and adjusted as necessary
Tyres checked and inflated to correct pressure
Minor wheel truing
All nuts and bolts checked for tightness
Full bicycle health check (again)
Set up checked to fit rider and adjusted
as necessary
Gears checked and adjusted as necessary
Chain and drivechain checked for wear
Bearings checked on wheels, bottom bracket
and headset
All moving parts lubricated
Test ride
Full Service
Full bicycle safety check
Brakes serviced - new cables / pads fitted
as required
Gears serviced - new cables fitted as required
Seatpost greased and re-fitted
Chain and drivechain checked for wear
All bearings serviced and replaced as required
(wheels / bottom bracket / headset)
Worn parts replaced as required
Full bicycle health check (again)
Set up checked to fit rider and adjusted
as necessary
Tyres - checked for stress and wear, inflated
to correct pressure
Wheels tensioned and trued
All nuts and bolts checked for correct torque
Bike cleaned and degreased
All moving parts lubricated
Test ride
Brake Service
Lubricate and grease cables
Replace brake blocks and cables as required
Lubricate and grease brake pivots and levers
Adjust brakes for optimum performance
Gear Service
Clean and degrease drivetrain
Lubricate and grease cables
Inspect chain, sprockets and chainset for wear
Lubricate freewheel
Replace cables as required
Lubricate front and rear derailleur pivots & levers
Lubricate chain
Adjust front and rear derailleurs for optimum
Headset Service
Remove headset bearings and check for
damaged surfaces
Re-grease and replace bearings
Fit new headset if required
Bottom Bracket Service
Remove bottom bracket and check for wear
Re-grease and replace bearings
Clean frame threads
Fit new bottom bracket if required
Hub Service
Clean and de-grease
Replace bearings
Re-assemble and test
Wheel Building
Per wheel
Wheel Truing
Per wheel
Puncture Repair
Per wheel - includes new inner tube
New Bike Build
Assemble bicycle
Full safety check
All call outs start with a full bicycle health check, checking all assessing all aspects of your bicycle and recommending required action.  To
avoid frustration we do not give quotes (or even vague estimations) without carrying out a full check first.  Prices are for the service
provided only – new items will be charged as an additional cost.
There is a minimum charge of £10 per call out. This includes a full bicycle health check.  If, as a result of this, you decide to go for a basic
or a full service, the health check is included in the price of that service.
All call outs start with a full bicycle safety check for which there is a fee of £10 except where stated as part of the service.  All other
work, including fitting new parts, will be charged based on the amount of time it takes rather than having a fixed price for each job.
Prices do not include any parts unless specified.

Service does not include work on suspension forks or rear shocks but will include a diagnostic check on them and customers will be
advised of any work required. No parts will be replaced without the consent of the customer and the cost of parts and fitting will be
advised before the work is carried out.
This one is for bicycle abusers! Oh yes. This one’s for you. You thrash it through traffic every day. Faster. Faster. Faster!
You treat our rolling landscape like you were the original founder of the Flat Earth Society! Muck? Well that just adds
character, doesn’t it? Maintenance? Well that’s just something you hope you never have to pay! Oh yes. This one’s for you.

Alternatively, you may be guilty of ‘Cycle Neglect’. (Not yet a criminal offence, but we’re working on it!) Your bike was a bit
poorly the last time you used it. You were going to get it fixed, but, well, it’s just about getting round to it, isn’t it? You’re
too busy.
It may be that a Safety Check is all your bike needs.  Perhaps everything will be running smoothly and the regular
maintenance you have been carrying out has been sufficient to keep your bike in good condition.  (Or maybe you just got
On the other hand, it may highlight a minor ailment before it becomes a major problem.  Either way... It’s good to know.
This is probably what you need.  For the “average user” (whatever that means) it is a good idea to get your bike checked out
by a qualified technician at least once a year – even if you do carry out regular maintenance yourself.
There is a certain satisfaction and peace of mind in knowing that your brakes work properly, your gears change smoothly and
your wheels don’t wobble.  Also, have you ever “heard” a bike coming? Isn’t it great when you don’t hear yours?